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About me

Takako Togo Tullin

Jewelry Designer

Takako Togo is a family owned company that was founded by me in 2010. All my jewelry is unique and original. Each piece is specially designed and meticulously handcrafted by me using carefully selected materials. My designs follow the natural curvature of the human body and are often inspired by nature.


As a child I always made things by myself. A doll house made of boxes, hand sewn dresses for dolls, jewelry made of pebbles and iron wires, etc. Everything had to be formed and made.


When I was a child my Japanese family moved to countries in South America, Central America and Europe. I experienced different cultures and remember how people used their bodies, gestures and tone of voices to express their feelings. People´s temperaments, as well as their choices regarding colour and form, were different from one country to another.


Living in Denmark since 1983, I developed into the person I am today. Having studied classical music (piano) is important to me because discipline and perfection are strict requirements in practicing and playing the piano as well as in jewelry making. My unique experiences growing up and playing the piano professionally have contributed to making my dream of designing and handcrafting jewelry come true.

Takako Togo Tullin

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