Leaves series

”Leaves” from climbing plants are one of the themes I have chosen for my designs.

They grow towards the sun, which inspires me to move forward.


Leaves ring

This natural ring is made in beautiful oxidized sterling silver 925. Price starts at 5.400 DKK. It also comes in a version in a more minimalistic design starting from 2.200 DKK. Contact me for prices, possible combinations and more.

Ametrine ring

This Leaves ring is made with 14 carat gold, a beautiful purple/yellow Ametrine stone and several diamonds.  

Starting with bigger leaves from the bottom, six small leaves hold the Ametrine stone. Sold.

Similar ring could be ordered.

Contact me for prices, possible combination.

Basket ring with Tahiti pearl

This basket ring comes in 18 carat gold, oxidized silver and a well sized Tahiti pearl. 

The ring is assembled with six branches with leaves. The ring itsself is the branches and the design is taken from Yasuragi Pendant. 

Contact me for prices and possible combinations.

Oxydized Sterling silver

with small brown

"Champagne" diamonds

Total ca.0.11ct

Leaf ring

Instead of crying over “lost leaves”, appreciate what you have now – and move on. Working in the garden, I picked up a withered climbing plant. There was only one fresh leaf, a flower bud and a stem with a root. Looking at it, I thought of one person I know who was struggling with his life. Instead of looking back at what he has not achieved, he seems to be happy about whom he is.


Leaf ring in 14 kt gold and Top Wesselton
VVS 0.05 ct. 
Contact me
for prices and possible combinations.


Leaves bracelet

More to come...

This bracelet comes in sterling silver 925 with leaves climbing motives. Contact me for prices and possible combinations.


Tahitian pearl earrings

More to come...

Leaves earings in 18 kt gold and Tahiti Pearls. These earings have a slight resemblance to G clef. Contact me for prices and possible combinations.

Drops series

Friendship earrings

More to come...

These drops earrings stands for friendship. The top visualizes small balloons. Some are big – others are smaller. But the small ones cannot fly alone. Only through fellowship they will succeed.
They comes in gold and fresh water white pearls. 

Contact me for prices and possible combinations.


Balloon friendship necklace

This simple elegant necklace is expressed with many sizes of balloons. Some are big that can fly far, but the small ones cannot unless they are attached to the big ones. Let us open our eyes even more and see if we can help people who are in need.


This necklace comes in either sterling silver or gold.
Contact me for prices and possible combinations.

Leaf drop pendant 

This extremely feminine flower bud pendant necklace is made by gold and comes with a  

pink Turmalin and a diamond.


Contact me for prices and possible combinations.

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