From the moment I met Takako, I have been met with nothing but heartfelt dedication, professionalism and love of her craft.

I chose Takako to create my wife’s engagement ring as well as both our wedding rings because I knew that she was someone whose eye for details matched my own.

She alternated between my wife’s and my wishes while adding her own creative and practical input, creating something unique, beautiful and lasting that many people have applauded whenever we have shown them her work.

We warmly recommend Takako and would choose her anytime to create any piece of personal jewelry we might want in the future.


Yasmine and Vlad Florescu

Vi har været kunder hos Takako Togo, både til hendes egne kreationer og har fået hende til at virkeliggøre vores idé til et smykke.

Takako´s håndværk er præget af stor kreativitet, omhyggelighed og et fagligt højt niveau.

Hun er meget dygtig til, i samarbejde med kunden, at virkeliggøre dennes forestillinger.

Det er en fornøjelse at være i så kreative, pålidelige og dygtige hænder.

Vi giver Takako Togo vores bedste anbefalinger.

Ditte Dam og Uwe Klahn



Wir sind Kunden bei Takako Togo gewesen, teils für ihre eigenen Kreationen, teils um unsere Idee für ein Scmuckstück verwirklicht zu bekommen.

Takako´s Handwerk ist von grosser Kreativität, Sorgfalt und einer hohen Professionalität geprägt.

Sie vermag in hohem Masse in der Zusammenarbeit mit dem Kunden dessen Vorstellungen zu verwirklichen.

Es ist ein Vergnügen, in so kreativen, zuverlässigen und tüchtigen Händen zu sein.

Wir geben Takako Togo unsere besten Empfehlungen.

Ditte Dam und Uwe Klahn    

Takago's jewelry is unique and her designs are beautiful in a modest way with a strong link to mother nature: The element of the jewelry is shaped in a way that tells a story and remind us of the simplicity, peace and the beauty of nature. Everytime I pick up a piece to wear, I cant help smiling to the mirror as I am reminded of the story behind the creation; it makes Takago's jewelry very special to me, and I am proud wearing her pieces:The beautiful grey haiti pearls looks fantastic in Takago's thin strings of gold - be it her drops of water or the leaves from plants; so simple yet so beautiful.


Some of the pieces I have, were designed by Takago based on my own ideas; every time I am amazed to see how well Takago captures my idea, reflect the idea carefully to ensure that my intention remains intact, and then starts shaping a piece in her mind with words. I return to her shop I see a model created in silver, which I can try on and we can discuss, so that the final design is exactly what I want. Takago's is quite skilled in her hand craft so the final piece is always delivered beautifully complete and floorless!


Thank you Takago


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